Chara is a villain and mass murderer of the Underground. She loves to kill monsters, and sometimes, even humans.

History Edit

After falling into The Ruins, Chara found Toriel. Toriel took care of Chara until Flowey killed her. Then, Chara grabbed a kitchen knife and brutally killed Flowey. She promised that she would kill all monsters and humans.

She hunted and eventually killed most of the monsters in the Underground. But there was only the strongest monsters who were left. Later, Frisk fell into the Underground. But Chara was trapped by Sans. Frisk awoken Chara's DETERMINATION awoken once again and she had the power to possess Sans.

Personality Edit

She has no feelings of love, rather Levels Of ViolencE. Through her travels in the Underground, she began to become more and more violent. Although, before falling into The Ruins, Chara did have some passion inside her. But the passion quickly left.

Appearance Edit

Chara shares a resemblance with Frisk. She has a green T-Shirt with yellow stripes. She has the same hairstyle as Frisk, and has pink cheeks.

Attacks Edit

Chara uses a kitchen knife as a primary weapon, but also uses Magic to possess humans and monsters.