HeLp... mE... UnDyNe...


Description Edit

Windigone is thin, pale, and... starving. It has long limbs, a relatively featureless head, with a small mouth, and a large symmetrical slash running down its chest. The limbs are long, its right arms is significantly bigger than the other, and seemingly ends in a massive hand with a large mouth in the center of its palm rimmed with powerful, crushing teeth, which also line the large fingers. The gash in its chest is actually an extra mouth, as teeth are present at its edges and it actually is seen opening and closing, seemingly chewing something. It has a large left leg, seemingly to balance itself. Its left arm is quite small, in comparison to his massive right one, with his left hand seemingly cut off, as its left arm ends in a sharp spike. While idle, a set of long, needle-like teeth will extend from the unnaturally wide mouth and roar at the player.

Alphys is afraid of this thing as it has eaten: a vending machine, several pounds of headache medicine, and 30 VHS tapes containing anime content. It has also seemingly tried to attack and devour any non-amalgamate that comes into its territory, which is in a secluded, locked-away area of the True Lab, filled with boxes of odd medical supplies.

When the player passes a certain pile of empty pain medicine bottles, it will emerge from the farthest wall and charge at the player.

Attacks Edit

Spines Edit

Spines emerge from Windigone's body and the edges of the "soul space", and the spines will randomly extend to try and impale the player's soul, each hit dealing 4 damage.

Drool Edit

Windigone will start to drool a grey material from its lower mouth, which becomes white splatters that drop to the "soulspace" slowly spread for 5 seconds and hit for 4 damage. If the soul gets hit by this attack or the resulting creep, it will be slowed by 60%.


A large pair of jaws emerge from the right side of the "soul space" and try to devour the soul. They advance towards the soul, contantly chomping and snarling.

Large Arm BiteEdit

It reaches its large right arm down to the "soulspace" and slaps/chomps the soul, inflicting Karmic Retribution.


In the Reapertale AU, Windigone is a demon, and represents gluttony. He was supposedly created by Alphys, the Goddes of Knowledge, and could easily devour the living and the dead, as well as hunt, kill, and feast upon Entropy.